Highland Bilby

Character Book Illustrations

These prices are for minimal background items and characters only. Painted in Full colour, choose between lines or lineless colouring for your characters.


Painted Book Illustrations

Add a full colour painted page to your book! with great attention to detail and a fully painted background included. Price may go up for complicated scenes with a large amount of characters or extreme detail. Choose between lines or lineless style.


Spreads & Covers

Add a Double Page Spread to your book with vibrant detail and no limit to the possibilities!
Add a Front and Back Cover Bundle to add the final touches to your book! The cover is the first thing people see so make sure it stands out!


Character Design

Looking for developmental sketches to pitch your idea to publishers ? I can work personally with you to bring your characters to life on paper. Book a Private stream to watch and give feedback as I work, or simply keep in touch over Private Message.

£20 Per Hour