Highland Bilby

Illustrated Pet Portrait

Get your own pet drawn in a cute Disney-eque style! I can do Cats, Dogs, Horses and pretty much everything!  I can draw Multiple pets together too if you’d like! All I need is some photos of your Pets and what kind of pose you’d like. 


Additional Pets

If you want to Add more Pets to the Portrait, you can! Just click below to send me a message and discuss your idea. I can add as many pets as you’d like, and the price per pet may vary depending on what it is. 


Complex Fur Pattern

Some coats can be very detailed (Such as Dapple or greying fur) and require a lot more time. I will let you know if your pet will cost a bit extra.


Semi-Realistic Pet Portrait

Want something more detailed than a cartoon ? Grab a Semi-realistic Portrait of your Pet in beautiful vibrant colouring and highlights. Every drawing is created Digitally, with a beautiful traditional look to capture any pets beauty!


Character Sheets

More than anything I LOVE Designing Characters! I can design you a character, or create a Reference Sheet for a character you already have! Price varies depending on the number of drawings and complexity of the character. I also offer Hourly Design slots!


Bilby's Plushies

Inspired by Winnie the pooh, Bilby’s plushies is a cute and affordable way to get some personalised artwork! I will draw your Pet or Original Character as a Stuffed Animal in any pose you’d like!