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Dallas R. Panda ‘Bilby Burrows’ Enamel Pin


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This is a special chance to grab Patreon Exclusive Enamel Pins while I have extra in stock!! Eventually I would like these Pins to be Exclusive only to Patrons, but for now I am seling the extra’s on my Etsy 🙂 Here the pins cost more, and shipping is added ontop of the cost. On my Patreon you receive the pin at a cheaper rate, plus with shipping included <3 You also receive an Exclusive Vinyl sticker with it <3 Dallas is a very naughty and mischievous little boy who goes to Bilby Burrows Primary School. He is usually always getting into trouble by pranking the other class members and being late to class. He is a good boy underneath all his mischief, and will do anything to protect his friends. He is Loyal, Brave and above all, Adorable! <3 The Pin: 45mm in Size Gold Enamel Hard Enamel This Enamel Pin costs £13 GBP on Etsy not including shipping, but to join the Pin Club you will receive the Pin for only $16/$20 for UK and International Patrons, this price includes shipping too, and loads of other goodies!! https://www.patreon.com/highlandbilby (( This Pin does NOT come with the Patreon Exclusive vinyl Sticker, or the box with tissue paper packaging ))


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