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Spyro Acrylic Charm


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These acrylic charms are 3mm thick and printed on clear acrylic, with a metal keyring attached through the loop. These are perfect for backpacks, keys or lanyards <3. Chibiterasu and Spyro are two designs I made more geared towards boys, since the My Little pony charms were popular with Little Girls at recent conventions and fair days ^^ I always encourage kids to enjoy everything regardless of gender, but I wanted to make some video game characters to offer more variety along with the ponies. Chibiterasu from Okami was super fun to draw, he looks so fluffy and cute! I love how the design turned out and I hope everyone else likes this playful little pup too! Spyro was inspired by the latest rerelease of the Spyro Trlogy. The new game looks so amazing! I had to draw him after playing through it, and decided to get him printed on a keyring so all you Spyro lovers could carry him around like your own little Sparx <3


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